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Meet the Doctor

Wayne Nelson, D.D.S.

I am proud to have served patients in our community. Through continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to offer you and your family the high level of care you’re looking for. Our team at Grand River Dental Care and I will give you a warm welcome and our ongoing commitment to your dental health.

Credentials and Memberships

  • Dr. Wayne Nelson has lived in the Howell area all of his life, having graduated from Howell High School. He did his Undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and Graduate studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.
  • Dr. Nelson has trained with some of the world's most prominent cosmetic dentists. The doctor's experience and knowledge in cosmetic dentistry is nothing short of the very best. See our smile gallery for past cases.
  • American Dental Association
  • Past President, Livingston District Dental Society
  • Donated Dental Services of Michigan
  • VINA-Community Dental Clinic - Board of Directors
  • Michigan Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • Howell Chamber of Commerce
  • Adjunct Clinical Professor for University of Michigan

Appointment Phone:

(517) 546-7211

Beth P.

First off, Dr. Nelson has been my dentist for years and did an amazing job on my crowns. His work in my opinion has always been above & beyond. I would and have recommended him without thinking twice. My smile not only looks natural, it feels natural as well.

Tracie W.

To everyone in Dr. Nelson's office! Thank you so much for everything you all do! I have never had a more positive experience wih a dental office. You are all so friendly, caring, helpful and personable! Plus, you have changed my life forever with all your great work! So....Thank You!!!

Mark K.

While going to the dentist is not something I look forward to, Dr. Nelsons personality and his pain free injection technique make the experience very comfortable. I have in the past recommended him to my friends, co-workers, & family, and will continue to do so.

Eleanor C.

This office is up to very modern standards and the latest in care. But more important is the dentist, his staff, and office personnel. Dr. Nelson is very gentle and thoughtful. He alleviates discomfort and anxiety, takes his time to answer questions, and explain procedures and options. I have had a lot of dental work done at Grand River Dental Care as well as at speciality offices that Dr. Nelson has had to refer me to and I trust him and his technical staff with any dental problems. My husband, son, daughter-in-law and I highly recommend Grand River Dental Care and Dr. Nelson.

Terri M.

For many years I have had severe jaw pain, headaches, and sinus problems. Dr. Nelson recommended the NTI appliance and after two weeks of wearing it I was virtually pain free. I have been wearing it for over 2 years now and am pain free.

Gayle S.

Dr. Nelson and his staff are very professional, friendly, and gental in their approach to dental care. I have been a patient for over ten years and have always been pleased with my appointments. I would recommend this dental practice to any of my friends or family.

Laurie D.

Just wanted to thank you & your staff for changing my dental experiences into positive ones. You have no idea how much dental work freaks me out. I have had nothing but positive experiences at your clinic. You and your staff are wonderful, compassionate, patient, and treat us like family. Every comfort, distraction, and option was made available. The dental sedation was fabulous (I remember nothing!) and the other options I've worked my way up to were painless and not as scary as anticipated. Having a cosmetic dentist that pays attention to detail is teeth have never looked better! Thanks for changing my opinion & providing such excellent care! You guys are the best! My kids are looking forward to their next visit (and I'm not dreading mine as much)!

Patty H.

Dr. Nelson and his staff are amazing. They are friendly, helpful, professional, and they truly care about each and every patient. Over the past two years, Dr. Nelson has given both my husband and me nicer, brighter, more confident smiles. I look forward to my hygiene visits and even hope for a reason to see Dr. Nelson! He is a great dentist with an extremely pleasant personality and wonderful sense of humor.

Doug B.

Dr. Nelson is an extremely knowledgeable and talented dentist. He really takes the time to put you at ease and explain the procedures he will perform. His staff is very efficient, supportive, and friendly. They really go above and beyond to make your experience a very positive one. You truly do become a part of their dental family. I would recommend them to anyone!

David R.

Dr. Nelson, Shannon, Leslie, Heather, and Michele I could never express my gratitude and thanks for the caring and professional service that I was blesed to receive by your office. Thank you again so very much and I hope that you are all blessed ten fold.

Anna W.

Dr. Nelson is amazing!. I changed three dentists before I found him. He changed my life-I am now smiling and feel comfortable opening my mouth. Thank You Doctor for your great job!

Joyce T.

Dr. Nelson & Staff,

Thank you so much for the Kohls gift cards. What a surprise! I can sure put them to good use.

More importantly, I would like to thank you for taking such care with my anxiety and fear of coming to the dentist, and for doing such a wonderful job in giving me a beautiful smile. It has taken some work on my part to remember that I can actually smile now without covering my mouth or having to keep my lips shut. I have always been a happy person and like to greet even strangers on the street with a smile, but haven't really been able to do that for a long time. I cant't thank all of you enough for the encouragement and caring I feel from you, Dr. Nelson and all of your team. God bless you all!

Linda P.

Having a life long fear of the dentist, I was lucky when I found Dr. Nelson's office. His staff has always made me feel very comfortable and relaxed in addition to being very professional. They really seem to love their jobs.

The most important thing however is the skill and expertise of Dr. Nelson. He is methodical in his approach to solving your dental problems and an expert in achieving the desired results. His work is outstanding!

Becky S.

I have had nothing but good results while being a patient of Dr. Nelson's office. He & his entire staff have been helpful & considerate regardless of what type of procedure I am in the office for. There is no pressure to have dental work done that is either cosmetic or out of our financial range, placing priority on emergent, urgent, & routine care. Dr. Nelson made sure that dental molds were made of my teeth, identifying potential changes that could be made in my crooked smile, but leaving the choice up to me at a time when I could afford to do it. After saving money for 2 1/2 yrs., I had my front teeth corrected, giving me a beautiful smile for my senior years. Thanks to Dr. Nelson and your office "family".

Faye N.

After years of my dentures floating, not fitting well and food getting caught underneath them, Dr. Nelson told me he could cure these problems. He placed the mini implants and I am so thrilled with them. My dentures do not float and no more food is getting caught. Thank you so much Dr. Nelson.

Mary F.

Dr. Wayne Nelson is a wonderful dentist! I was a dental assistant for seven years. I have an idea of what good dentistry is when I see it. His office is a caring comfortable place. He and his staff are like my family members. They always think of how they can make me more comfortable and they pay attention to every small detail.

The best thing, however, is how Dr. Nelson has worked miracles with my teeth. Dr. Nelson has the latest equipment and keeps up with all the environmentally safe methods for fixing teeth. He even has special filters on his furnace to help people like me with COPD breathe well. He has corrected my bite, fixed over half of my teeth and made me happy to be able to smile again.

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Wayne Nelson. If you make him your dentist you won't be sorry.

Jonathan R.

Having had fifty years of poorly appearing teeth and innumerable bad experiences with dentists, I must say that my experience with Dr. Nelson and his staff was like no other. From the professionalism and efficiency of the front office staff, to the skill and artistry of Dr. Nelson and his assistant Shannon, my experience was memorable. The result is spectacular! Mostly however, I was treated like a member of the family and for that I am truly grateful. Thanks to all.


After a long distance move, I needed to find a new dentist but kept putting it off. Finally, after breaking a front tooth, this was something I must do. I was very nervous at my first visit, but was put at ease by Dr. Nelson and his staff (Shannon personally) who were very kind and gentle with me. I'm extremely happy with the work he has done and I now have a great smile. I would recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone looking for a friendly, compassionate, and very knowledgable dentist. Thank you very much!

Kim G.

I have severe Sleep Apnea and it was uncertain whether or not if the sleep appliance that Dr. Nelson provides for his patients would work for my situation. I have used it now for a year and a half and it is the best thing I have done! No more C-Pap machine. Going on vacation now is a breeze, I can just put it in my bag and go. I highly recommend this appliance.

Don G., impressed & grateful patient

May 16, 2019

Doctor Wayne Nelson DDS

A few days ago I broke a molar while eating a taco. Half of it, a crown, was rolling around in my mouth. I have not seen you in several years (Do you think perhaps there's a "cause & effect"relationship at work here?). Nevertheless, when I called your office "you" squeezed me in the next day, suspecting I might be in pain. I say in all honestly that this was the first time I actually enjoyed a trip to the dentist. Your office operates like a well oiled machine! Perhaps "symphony orchestra" would be a better analogy.

Your office atmosphere is beautifully appointed and comfortable. Your office staff of lovely polite girls with charming personalities complement each other and they obviously enjoy working together and for you.

Your concern for my comfort made me ashamed of myself for the long hiatus. You were totally non accusatory and never mentioned the absense but quickly, professionally and painlessly took care of my problem.

I write this because I am very impressed over how you have staffed your office with such competent and compatible personnel while at the same time maintaining a comfortable and upbeat professional rapport with and among them. In a far off galaxy, in another lifetime, I too managed a disparate collection of talents/personalities/sexes/and interests. Such an undertaking is akin to juggling knives while blindfolded riding a motorcycle in a thunderstorm.

My congratulations to everyone involved. I do have a complaint however. Your Pablum jokes are indescribably bad. You've got to get out more. Try some bars or a pool-room for material.


Don G.


Our practice accepts insurance from the following companies.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental

Delta Dental Plans Association is a not-for-profit organization with some for-profit affiliates as member companies. Through its 39 independent member companies, it offers national dental coverage to our Howell dental patients - administering programs and reporting systems that provide employees and individuals with quality, cost-effective dental benefits and superior customer service.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies nationwide provide healthcare benefits to our Howell dental patients as well as across the country and around the world. With access to the care you need and when you need it - Blue Cross and Blue Shield policy holders can have peace of mind when at home or traveling abroad.

We work with Delta Dental® insurance

Wayne Nelson, , in the Howell area accepts Delta Dental® insurance. Our experienced team at Grand River Dental Care will file your insurance claim for you.

We want your dental treatment to be affordable for you. We're committed to helping you maintain your life-long oral health.

Maximize your dental insurance benefits

At Grand River Dental Care we aim to maximize your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance easily affordable. Howell area dentist Dr. Wayne Nelson and his knowledgeable staff can help answer any of your insurance questions.

We accept most insurance carriers. Please check with us prior to your appointment, but it's safe to say we likely accept the type of insurance you carry.

Implants - the alternative to dentures

Have you ever considered natural-looking, permanent dental implants instead of uncomfortable dentures? Incredible recent advances in technology allow Howell area dental implants dentist Dr. Wayne Nelson to create tooth implants just for you that can be permanently anchored to your jaw. This is a great option to consider if you've had negative experiences with dentures in the past.

New cavity repair without drills or needles - air abrasion

Are you nervous about the dentist's drill? Now you don't have to worry about it. Howell area dentist Dr. Wayne Nelson employs a new cavity repair procedure called air abrasion that our patients find much more comfortable. If you have numerous cavities, air abrasion allows Dr. Nelson to treat them all in just one office visit. Don't put off getting dental work done when there is a drill-free, comfortable method of treatment available.

Natural-looking partial dentures

Grand River Dental Care offers natural-looking partial dentures. Howell area dentures dentist Dr. Wayne Nelson uses the latest technology to produce materials custom-blended to your skin, hair and eye color. You'll look like you were born with perfect teeth.

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Grand River Dental Care is conveniently located on the north side of Grand River Avenue, 1/4 mile west of VG's Supermarket.

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This office is closed on the following holidays: New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

Experienced Howell Sedation Dentist Can Ease Your Dental Fears

The best news about sedation dentistry is that it's possible to catch up on years of neglect in just one or two appointments. Because you're calm and relaxed, Howell sedation dentist Dr. Nelson is able to provide all of the care that you've been missing, restoring your oral health quickly and easily.

Regular dental appointments are essential to your overall health. At Grand River Dental Care we know that those who avoid the dentist have an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and that poor dental health can increase your risk of heart disease. Our patients can often get years' worth of dental treatments done in one or two stress-free sessions. Our friendly staff looks forward to meeting with you and developing a plan tailored to meet your individual needs.

If you've been dealing with dental phobia call us today at (517) 546-7211. Or fill out our online form for easy scheduling. At Grand River Dental Care, we have several payment options and we're available when it's convenient for you.

Practice Services

  • New cavity repair without drills or needles - air abrasion
  • Relax with sedation dentistry
  • Maximize your dental insurance benefits
  • We work with Delta Dental® insurance
  • Cosmetic dentistry for beautiful smiles
  • Oral surgery and extractions
  • Natural-looking partial dentures
  • Implants - the alternative to dentures
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